We started this project in March 2015 with a seedcorn grant from Coventry University.

Since then, we have been joined by colleagues from the University of Birmingham in our quest to discover how ‘untranslatable’ invented art language gets translated, by focusing on the ‘Nadsat’ slang embedded in Anthony Burgess’s cult novella, ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

We’ve already presented some preliminary findings at a conference in Nottingham, which can be viewed at the link below.

We’re looking forward to presenting some more of what we’ve discovered in March at the ‘Ponying the Slovos’ symposium.

Even moreso, we’re excited to hear from other researchers, translators and academics and linguists about what they’ve discovered when they’ve looked at such translation strategies, or when they’ve looked at art languages in literature.

If you’re one such researcher, please consider contributing a paper to the symposium. See the call for paper for details.

Nott poster draft 3

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