While you wait…

We’re still working on our next posts here at Ponying the Slovos so if you are after some thought-provoking musings on the (inevitable?) robot/AI takeover and what it might mean, check out these posts on Jim’s site: Rule by Rationality, Religion or Robots? and Has the singularity already arrived?

Warning for the more sensitive amongst us – these posts include warnings such as the following

we will enter some kind of situation wherein a religion-doped global majority are easily manipulated and data-harvested by a coldly logical machinic hegemony

From ‘Rule by Rationality, Religion or Robots?’

Tiktoking Nadsat with Grammar Girl

It was really nice to get a shout out from Grammar Girl on Tiktok recently. We don’t really have a presence there, so if you made your way here via Grammar Girl’s excellent Tiktok, you’re very welcome!

There’s a lot more about Nadsat, and indeed other invented languages, on the blog, so feel free to take a spin through the archives and see what might be of interest.

If you’re new to Ponying the Slovos, here’s a post that explains what Nadsat is and how it works, and here’s an article we did on how translators deal with names in fantasy fiction, including A Clockwork Orange, Harry Potter, and the works of JRR Tolkien.

And here is our most recent post, which looks at how the translators of A Clockwork Orange translated Nadsat into French and Spanish.

But there’s lots more too. Feel free to rummage about, and do let us know what you think!