We were delighted this week to discover our article on Nadsat written for the language magazine Babel has been included in their Best of Babel’ edition promoting the magazine. Babel’s brief – to engage the public with research in linguistics – has brought them endorsements from figures such as Stephen Fry, as well as a wide readership.

The article in question is a more accessible (and much shorter) version of our research article, “The language of A Clockwork Orange: A corpus stylistic approach to Nadsat“, published in Language and Literature. Thus it may be of interest to readers of Ponying the Slovos, particularly now that readers who haven’t got a Babel subscription can access the article for free (follow ‘Best of Babel’ link above to access it).

We’d like to add that we recommend Babel itself as a fascinating magazine which will be of of great interest to anyone curious about language and linguistics. Edition 19 of the magazine also contains an additional Ponying the Slovos article on Anthony Burgess as linguist, but every edition to date has proven fascinating and engaging. We might mention here the article on Polari in the second edition since Polari is a topic we have also covered on this blog (here). Paul Baker offers a very interesting overview of it (he’s also written a book on the subject).

Since we are talking about outputs from the project, we should also mention our newly created ‘Outputs’ page, where you can find details of articles, presentations and posters created by members of the project with links to articles and slides.

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