Is there such a thing as Turkish Nadsat?

In a post back in February (apologies for the rather long gap) we discussed in broad terms the situation with Turkish translations of A Clockwork Orange, Otomatik Portakal (literally “Automatic Orange”). Our initial look at the two translations suggested that Nadsat had been largely suppressed – there was no real evidence of it as a separate anti-language. This post looks at the later and more rigorous Körpe translation in more detail to examine what happened and discuss whether there even is such a thing as Turkish-Nadsat. This post is based on work we recently presented at the fascinating I-conlangs 2022 conference held at the University of Turin. [Our slides for the presentation can be seen here.]

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While you wait…

We’re still working on our next posts here at Ponying the Slovos so if you are after some thought-provoking musings on the (inevitable?) robot/AI takeover and what it might mean, check out these posts on Jim’s site: Rule by Rationality, Religion or Robots? and Has the singularity already arrived?

Warning for the more sensitive amongst us – these posts include warnings such as the following

we will enter some kind of situation wherein a religion-doped global majority are easily manipulated and data-harvested by a coldly logical machinic hegemony

From ‘Rule by Rationality, Religion or Robots?’